Technical – Uniship Management Private Limited

Our skill in offering a full portfolio of third party technical ship management services is our team of highly skilled and dedicated superintendents. We monitor the vessels' performance closely to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Further, ships under our care are inspected at regular intervals by the superintendent concerned to follow up on all aspects of shipboard operational matters and to maintain an active contact with the vessel.

We take special interest to ensure vessels under our charge get prompt attention at all times. It is this commitment that assures every vessel's operating requirements are met and vessel operating condition is always at its best.

Working side by side with our superintendents is our Planned Maintenance System that allows for close monitoring and timely vessel maintenance. The vessel performance and cost savings demonstrates the quality of our technical management services.


Purchasing is more than a process of acquiring supplies. The process involves procuring the best quality goods and services at the most economical price. Through our global purchasing experience, and network of highly reliable suppliers, we negotiate for favourable agreements and volume purchases. As a result, we are not only able to secure attractive pricing on a range of supplies, including spare parts, lubricating oil, paints and provisions, we are also able to adopt a very precise inventory control – maximising savings for our principals. Furthermore, our purchasing system is fully integrated with our PMS on board vessels, this ensures that supplies are properly managed.


We ensure that all vessels under our management are covered against marine perils and third party liabilities. Through our well established relationship with the underwriters and the brokers, we are able to assist our principals in obtaining competitive rates for H&M and P&I coverage. Also, our insurance department plays an active role in handling and settlement of Owners claims as well as assists in the process of insurance policy renewal.


At Uniship Group, we understand the importance of proper & timely financial reporting and its influence on owners’ decisions. We have a fully computerised accounting, payroll, crew management and purchasing system. In line with the requirements of the principals, we provide monthly or quarterly accounting reports in a timely manner. The accounting procedures and systems meet the highest of corporate governance standards as required.

Information Access Services

Timely information is critical. At Uniship, we provide full access to our most integrated software. With this facility, staying informed about their vessels at all times becomes not only possible but also hassle-free.

The information available includes:

  • Class Certificates
  • Survey Status.
  • Contact List.
  • Crew List.
  • Off Hire Statement.
  • Q88 HVPQ-Vetting.
  • Quarterly Accounting Reports.
  • Quarterly Superintendent Cost Analysis Report.
  • Superintendents Vessel Inspection Report.
  • Ship's Main Drawings.
  • Vessel Particulars.


Marine Consultancy Services

Uniship besides providing Ship management Services is also specialised in Marine Consultancy and New building Supervision. Our Marine Consultancy services covers a wide range of expertise in the new building sector and has undertaken various new construction projects including Aframax tankers and bulk carriers at major Japanese and Korean shipyards.

We offer a wide spectrum of Marine Consultancy Services to the marine industry and our main activities are:

  • Project Management of Ship construction.
  • Ship Condition Surveys.
  • Ship Conversion Projects.
  • Sale & Purchase Inspections.
  • Supervisory services for dry-docking, conversions & repairs.
  • Provide Skilled Manpower for Projects.


New Building Supervision

Uniship has a team of skilled, competent and dedicated Marine Engineers and Naval Architects with proven track record in project management and site supervision of new ship construction. We carry out detailed review of yard specifications and provide Owners with our inputs to Hull, Paint Coating, Machinery and Electrical systems. This review is made under the best industry practice and incorporating Uniships’ operational experience gained through managing similar types of vessel. Our comments would also be useful in negotiations with the yard to upgrade the quality of the vessel.

The main phases of the New Building Supervision would be as follows:

  • Plan Approval.
  • Acceptance.
  • Site Supervision.
  • Commissioning and Sea Trials.


Our Site Manager is responsible on all aspects of the construction programme and liaising with the yard to ensure that the vessel is delivered as per the agreed specifications, quality and standards. Owners are provided with regular updates and progress reports which covers the status of steel construction, surface preparation & coating, machinery, piping, electrical installation and out-fitting works.

The site team closely monitors the yard's daily tests schedule to ensure that various equipment & systems meet the specifications and class requirements. Commissioning and Sea-trials would be carried out to owners' satisfaction and the owner informed as to whether the performance of the vessel and it's systems have met with the agreed contractual specifications. We will also closely liaise with the yard on any other pending matters and take delivery of all documents and final drawings for dispatch to owners.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environment

Uniship Group’s vision is to become the leading provider of Quality Ship Management Services to the Maritime Industry. To achieve this, we look to evolve ourselves through the provision of safe, reliable and cost-effective ship management services, and constantly challenge the existing procedures by bringing about improvements to our operations.

This practice is set to capitalise on opportunities and bringing about unified actions that are instrumental in our pursuit of zero accidents and zero spills. At Uniship Global Solutions Private Limited, our focus is to prevent human injury, loss of life and damage to the environment, especially the marine environment.

Quality Policy

"Our utmost priority is to deliver flawless service to our customer."
  • We ensure that vessels under our management meet all contractual obligations and requirements of our customers.
  • We ensure that Vessels under our care meet all mandatory and regulatory requirements.
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • To encourage all employees to exercise at all times their individual responsibility for quality.
  • We periodically review and improve our quality management system and oversee our employees attentively to be certain that they exercise their individual responsibility for quality at all times.


Health Safety & Environment Policy

"We shall endeavour and maintain an operational excellence, striving for health, safety and environmental matters in all activities on board and at shore offices."

Aspiring to achieve operational excellence, Uniship Global Solutions Private Limited pays close attention to all matters relating to health, safety and environment.

These matters include, but are not limited to:

  • Avoiding damage to the environment, in particular the marine environment and to property.
  • Continual improvement in health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Safety at sea.
  • Prevention of human injury or loss of life.
  • Prevention of pollution.
  • Preservation and conservation of our environment.
  • Scrutinising occupational health.

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